The Love Life of Rabbi Akiva

In a belated Valentine’s episode, this week we will be discussing the romance between Rabbi Akiva and his wife, Rachel. The two’s marriage weathered most unusual circumstances, which has since become the subject of books as well as a dedicated passage in the Talmud. Tune in Thursday to hear the story of how these twoContinue reading “The Love Life of Rabbi Akiva”

In Memoriam: Rabbi Abraham Twerski (1930-2021)

This week we say goodbye to another great mind of the Jewish world, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, who passed away in Jerusalem on January 31. In addition to being a noted rabbi from a prestigious Hasidic dynasty, Rabbi Twerski was also a well-respected psychiatrist who contributed much to our understanding of addiction and self-esteem. JoinContinue reading “In Memoriam: Rabbi Abraham Twerski (1930-2021)”