Pew Research Releases 2020 Survey of American Jewry

The Pew Research Center recently published a new survey regarding Jewish life in America in 2020. This contains tons of information on everything from population numbers, to income, to political views. Perhaps most interesting is American Jewish perspectives on religion, especially from the younger generation. If you want to check out the study, you canContinue reading “Pew Research Releases 2020 Survey of American Jewry”

The Lost Tribes: Supplemental Material

This week on the show we’ll be discussing the Lost Tribes of Israel: How they came to disappear, and where they could possibly be. In learning about how the tribes initially separated, it may be helpful to review these maps. This is the original allotment of land to the 12 tribes, which largely persisted throughoutContinue reading “The Lost Tribes: Supplemental Material”

Live Long and Prosper… for real

Star Trek fans may enjoy learning more about the Jewish origins of the “Vulcan salute,” a symbol now etched into pop culture history. While known internationally as a greeting for Trekkies and germaphobes, this salutation actually has its roots in an ancient rite performed by the first kohen gadol, Aaron himself. Tune in this weekContinue reading “Live Long and Prosper… for real”